Use Water Wisely

  • When the septic system's absorption field is waterlogged it hinders its ability to treat waste.
  • When feasible, conserve water and allow time between activities that require a lot of water like washing machines, dishwashers and baths.

Avoid Rinsing Hazardous Chemicals Down the Drain

  • Hazardous chemicals may kill the bacteria and microorganisms working in your septic system to break down waste.

Don't Plant Anything but Grass Over Your System

  • Roots from other types of plants may clog your absorption field preventing it from properly treating waste.

Don't Drive or Operate Heavy Machinery Over Your System

  • Heavy machines can cause compaction in your absorption field.
  • Compaction will reduce the ability of your absorption field to filter and treat wastewater.

Pump Your Septic Tank Regularly and Have Your Septic System Inspected Annually

  • Pumping your septic tank removes solids and prevents them from clogging the absorption field.
  • Inspection will catch problems early, possibly lowering the cost of repairs.

Know What to Not Put Down the Drain

  • Do not put anything down the toilet or drain that will not easily breakdown.
  • Solids build up in your septic tank and affect your system's ability to treat waste

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