Current Events

Each soil and water district is required to have an annual meeting. Like the regular board meetings that occur monthly, all are welcome from the public. The main difference between the annual and the monthly meetings is there is voting for the board members that occurs. Below are the requirements set forth by Indiana.

Indiana district law (IC-14-32) requires the position of board supervisor be filled by an occupier of a tract of a land located within the district and must maintain permanent residence within the district. There are 5 supervisors. Two are appointed. Three are elected.
Voter Requirements: An individual of voting age or a representative of a firm, company, or corporation that owns or rents land/property located within the district/county may vote. Eligible individuals also include the owner and tenant of the same land/property as well as any owner’s or tenant’s spouse.

The 2021 Annual Meeting for Allen SWCD will be held March 17th from 8a-9a. Please register using the following link in order to attend the meeting.
If you would like to vote for the board members but will not be able to attend the meeting, please contact our office to receive a ballot: 260.484.5848 ext. 3
Join us as we learn how to convert equipment with expert: Derek Thompson of NRCS. It will be a live, virtual event; potentially in-person depending on the state of the pandemic and weather.

January 2021

An update on the SWCD and USGS partnership: Edge of Field Project. This project collaborates with local farmers to collect water samples for an estimate five years to measure nutrients, sediment, and other critical elements for USGS research.

In January 2021, the SWCD staff were trained how to collect samples and send the collection and other information to USGS. Information is collected and sent after significant rain/snow fall events when water has entered the systems.

The systems are built on the land of cooperating landowners and farmers, at no cost to the farmer. USGS incurs all of the installation costs and other necessary elements. USGS is always looking for new sites to host these Edge of Field sites. Contact our office if you would like more information about this project.

A water sample collected from a tile in Grabill, Indiana. These samples were packaged and sent to Wisconsin for processing.

2020 River Boat Tours Prove to be Successful

This fall, the Allen County SWCD and the Maumee Watershed Alliance had numerous opportunities to give tours of Fort Wayne’s three rivers – the St. Mary’s, the St. Joseph’s, and the Maumee. These tours were designed to educate both farmers and urbanites on the importance of water quality and the part everyone plays in maintaining and improving the water quality around Allen County. Greg Lake, the Allen Co. SWCD Director, and Dan Wire, an Associate SWCD Board Member and Maumee Watershed Alliance Member, expressed how important it is to get people on the water. According to Dan Wire, “When people get on the river, they realize it’s not as bad as they thought.” Riding the river also gives an understanding of the programs already in place to improve and maintain water quality and the opportunities to get involved.

The Allen County SWCD even had the chance to give a tour to both Tom Bechman, the editor for the Indiana Prairie Farmer, and Jerry Raynor, the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) State Conservationist. Dan Wire and Greg Lake shared about the programs that improve water quality locally, and Jerry Raynor spoke about what is happening statewide in the promotion of conservation. Tom Bechman wrote several stories about his trip to Allen County and published them in the October 2020 issue of the Indiana Prairie Farmer. Now the message of water quality is being spread across Indiana.

Take a look at these articles written by Tom Bechman from his visit to Allen County!