Smart Soils Initiative



What is the Smart Soils Initiative?

A new program from
Allen County SWCD that utilizes digital technology tools, an advanced drone and soil moisture sensors to provide technical assistance to farmers interested in testing conservation practices, such as no-till and/or cover crops on their farms. 


This opportunity can provide on-farm data unique to your own farm and help you decide what is best for your farm operation. 


How much does it cost?

 The Smart Soils Initiative is a no-cost, free service to farmers located in Allen County, Indiana.  

How much work is expected from me?

One of the main objectives of this program is not to be a heavy burden to the farmer, who can choose how much they want to participate in their on-farm demo. We have a specialized, trained staff person who can help with field site selection, experimental design, and data collection. We only ask the farmer to be willing to provide cropping management details and harvest data for our statistical analysis. Following harvest season, we will meet with the farmer to present them the un-biased, results of their on-farm demo.

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