What is a Soil and Water Conservation District?

A Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is a local government unit that helps the public conserve and protect natural resources. SWCDs were established in the 
by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to combat the 
SWCDs provide the following services: 
  • Information about soil, water, and other natural resource conservation
  • Programs to conserve soil resources, prevent soil erosion, and prevent floods
  • Technical, financial, and education resources for local land users
  • Assistance to farmers, ranchers, and private land users in making the best use of their natural resources
SWCDs develop and implement programs to protect and conserve: 
Soil, Water, Prime farmland, Woodland, Wildlife, Urban areas. 
SWCDs were established under the SWCD Act. Each county in Indiana has it’s own SWCD.