Coffee and …

Grab your coffee and join us for early educational meetings every 3rd Tuesday in 2021. We are discussing relevant topics to agriculture and inviting professionals in the field to share their knowledge and expertise.

Below is our current event information as well as past event minutes.

To participate in meetings or to ask any questions, please contact our office at 260.484.5848 ext. 3
Speakers: Sara Day (NRCS) & Chi-Hua Huang (USDA-ARS National Soil Erosion Research Lab)
Speakers: John Mischler (Goshen College) and Ben Wicker (Indiana Agriculture Nutrient Alliance)
Speakers: Arthur Franke (NRCS) and Heath Hurst (ISDA)

Also coming soon:

Urban Agriculture with Jennifer Nettles and Naim Edwards!

Tillage with Brian Musser and Kevin Allison!

More details to come!

December 2020: Coffee and Interseeding. Recording of the event available here:

Speakers: Stephanie McLain (NRCS), James Wolff (Purdue Extension) and Lindsey Bluhm (ISDA)

Watch the event here: