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Join us for this early morning educational series once a month in 2022! Traditionally this series has been on the third Tuesday of each month, but we are transitioning to Wednesdays. Keep your eye on the calendar so you don’t miss any of the various speakers who are extremely knowledgeable about their topics!

To participate in meetings or to ask any questions, please contact our office at 260.484.5848 ext. 3

Bree Ollier with the Hendricks County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) will be sharing her expertise on how to plant fall cover crops as well as which cover crops might be right for your operation. Different cover crops serve different purposes, and Elli is going to share how different cover crops achieve various goals.
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Past Events

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Dr. Laura Ingwell, the Assistant Professor in Horticulture Entomology, shared her expertise on cruciferous caterpillars, aphids, and cucumber beetles that we may encounter in our gardens. She shared an Integrated Pest Management approach to managing these pests.
Jamie Perry, the Northeast Urban Soil Health Specialist with the Indiana Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (IASWCD) shares his expertise on various methods of mulching. Jamie helps you choose which method is right for your operation.
James Wolff, the Allen County Extension Director, followed up his discussion on urban soils, with this topic on soil testing. James shared about how to interpret a soil test and how getting one can impact your growing operation.
Kevin Allison, the Urban Soil Health Specialist with the Marion County SWCD, shared all about what to do with your cover crops before the spring gardening season.
A discussion on Urban Soils! James Wolff, the Allen County Extension Director, shares about the unique characteristics of urban soils. If you farm or garden in the city, or if you interested in starting , you won’t want to miss this webinar!
Laura Ingwell, an assistant professor of horticulture and entomology at Purdue University, and Marissa Renz, a local gardener and educator, share about their experiences with integrated pest management. How do you use your knowledge of the lifecycles of pests, beneficial insects, and plants to make educated decision on pest management? Learn in this intriguing webinar!
Brian Musser with Indiana NRCS and Kevin Allison with the Marion County SWCD shared about the different types of tillage in row-cropping and gardening. They explored how tillage impacts soil health and how to consider incorporating no-till or minimal tillage this upcoming year.
A discussion on the importance of urban agriculture and what it looks like in the cities around us!
Speakers: Naim Edwards (Extension Specialist, Michigan State University) & Jennifer Nettles (Urban Agriculture and Horticulture Instructor, Vincennes University)
Leigh Rowan from the Fort Wayne Farmer’s market and several vendors from various farmer’s markets share about what someone should know before becoming a vendor at a farmer’s market, how to be successful, and how to build community with the farmer’s market.
Speakers: Leigh Rowan (Ft. Wayne’s Farmer’s Market), Kenn Zimmerman (Fruited Plain Seeds), Marilyn Miars (Tree Frog Farm), Ben Hoffman (Hoffman Certified Organics), and Chris Knipstein (Windrose Urban Farm)
A conversation about getting started composting, the many different ways to compost, and how it pertains to soil health.
Speakers: Terri Theisen (Purdue Extension) and Megan Masterson (Ground Down)
We all make an impact on the water around us. Learn how to make yours a positive one and hear about how you can enjoy the rivers around you!
Speakers: Robert Gillespie (Purdue Fort Wayne) and Dan Wire (Maumee Watershed Alliance)