Interseeder Program

At the 2020 Fort Wayne Farm Show, the concept of interseeding cover crops into standing corn was promoted to improve soil health and water quality. The SWCD contacted producers to further promote the program. Over twelve test plots were studied throughout the year; Mike Werling led this program, funded by a Clean Water Indiana (CWI) grant, with education, program promotion, and the use of the interseeder.

Overall, the farmers were impressed with the process mentioning that they wanted to own their own rig and start interseeding for themselves.

To for rental information:

Contact our office to participate: 260-484-5848 ext. 3

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Interseeding in


Interseeder Event Information:

December 2020: Coffee and Interseeding

Thank you to all who participated! We hope to have another event in 2021!

Resources for Farmers:

MCCC:  http://-

December 2020 Coffee and Interseeding Recorded Presentation

December 2020 Coffee and Interseeding Slides

Thank you to Clean Water Indiana for making this program possible.