Developing a Watershed Management Plan for the Flatrock Creek/Auglaize River Watershed

The Allen County, Indiana Soil and Water Conservation District has received a Water Quality Planning Grant from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to develop a watershed management plan for the Flatrock Creek/ Auglaize River watershed. This watershed is located in the SE corner of Allen County, Indiana, the NE corner of Adams County, Indiana, and portions of Paulding and Van Wert Counties in Ohio. The grant period is Nov. 26, 2019 – Dec. 25, 2021.

What is a Watershed Management Plan?

A watershed management plan identifies problems and threats to water resources and develops a framework to address these issues. It is intended to be a practical tool with specific recommendations on practices to improve and sustain water quality.

Its primary purpose is to guide citizens, watershed coordinators, resource managers, policy makers, and community organizations to restore and protect water quality in the rivers, streams, and wetlands in the Flatrock/Auglaize watershed.

It is developed using a watershed planning process that includes steps to characterize existing conditions, identify and prioritize problems, define management objectives, and develop protection or remediation strategies.

This planning effort will be led by a Steering Committee comprised of local stakeholders (citizens, businesses, governments, non-governmental organizations…) who are most knowledgeable of the needs of the watershed.

Steering Committee
Members Affiliation
Dale Anderson Farmer
Mark Anderson Farmer
Pat Brames Farmer
Matt Fuelling Ebberts Field Seeds, Agribusiness
Ron Funk Farmer
Brent Hoffman Hoffman Bulldozing & Farm Services, Inc.
Greg Kneubuhler G&K Concepts, Agribusiness
Austin Miller Farmer
John Nidlinger Farmer
Larry Oberley Town of Monroeville
Leslie Robertson Farmer
Troy Robertson Farmer
Ron Roy Ag Plus, Agribusiness
Barry Scherer Adams County Regional Sewer District
Nathan Scherer Adams County Health Department
Eugene Trabel Farmer
Technical Advisors Affiliation
Lindsey Bluhm Indiana State Department of Agriculture
Tim Bomba USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service
Jeremy Freimuth Allen County Surveyors Office
Matt Jarrett Allen County Surveyors Office
Brad Kohlhagen Adams County Purdue Extension Service
Greg Lake Allen County Soil & Water Conservation District
Tom Miller Allen County Soil & Water Conservation District
Seth Owens VanWert County Soil & Water Conservation District
Sharon Partridge Allen County Soil & Water Conservation District
Courtney Scherer Allen County Soil & Water Conservation District
Stephanie Singer The Nature Conservancy
Scott Thompson Allen County Soil & Water Conservation District
Kristi Todd Indiana Department of Environmental Management
Patrick Troyer Paulding County Soil & Water Conservation Service
Sandy Voglewede Adams County Soil & Water Conservation Service
Mike Werling Allen County Soil & Water Conservation District
James Wolff Allen County Purdue Extension Service

The project area covers 96,580 acres. For research and planning purposes, the total project area will be sub-divided into 5 subwatershed: Wildcat Creek; Headwaters Flatrock Creek; Bohnke Ditch; Hoffman Creek; and Brown Ditch.

For more information about the Flatrock/Auglaize Watershed Management Plan project, contact the Allen County SWCD.